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Shadows on the Roanoke Part III
("Clarksville Then & Thener")
By Auntie Bellum

Fighter Flight Against Cancer
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Fighter Flight Against Cancer
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Blessing of the Hounds
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Just Horsing Around

A Humorous Look at the Horse World



"You can tell a gelding,
you can ask a mare,
but you must discuss it with a stallion."


Wake me when we get to the Hunt Breakfast



Q: How to make a small fortune in the horse business
A: Start out with a large fortune.



Hound Dog, You Ain't No Friend of Mine
You'd expect a little more forbearance. But when Jim Tubbs made a special trip to bless the opening of the fox-hunting season near Knoxville, Tenn, one wayward hound proved a wee bit disrespectful.

Not sure the origins of this scanned clipping, but some research turned up the original photo.
Click the image above for a larger view
click here for the original photo.

Photo Credit:
Hound Dog - Photo by Fritz Hoffmann




Riding: "The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground."
~Author Unknown













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