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Butterfly Promise
(The Promise of a Butterfly and Spring)
By Gert Slabach

SoVa Baseball
(As American as...)
By Maria Scinto

The Real South
By Diana Nolan

Parsley in Your Herb Garden
Submitted by the Southside Virginia Herb Society

Vegetable Vertical Garden
(Stake it Up!)
By William H. McCaleb

Relay For Life 2011 Events
(Southern VA & Northern NC)

Southside Master Gardener Graduates
(Class of 2011)



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(Cooking Some SPAM)

Southside Gardener
(Monthly Tips & "To Do List")
By William H. McCaleb

South Winds
(The Secret to Inner Peace)

Ask Bubba - Advice
The Bubba Squad



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Scholarship available to area seniors
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Halifax County Junior 4-H Camp
(Sign-ups are Underway!)

LGSA Offers Camp with International Talent to Local Youth
(Soccer Camp Info)


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Editor's Page

Cooking Some SPAM


    If you have had an email address for any time at all, you have gotten some SPAM or junk email. If your email address appears on numerous mailing lists and many web pages, as mine does, you get LOTS of SPAM.

   Usually, I am pretty quick on the delete key with junk email, but recently I received this very inviting email from what I am sure is a "reputable" source. After reading it, I knew I just had to respond to this offer1.

   For your amusement, the text of the original email is verbatim. As Dave Barry says, "You can't make this stuff up." After reading the offer, you will see why my response seemed appropriate.


Dear undisclosed recipients,

We are a group of Consortium resided in the U.K, periodically we do organise a conference where we seek for professionals especially in the areas of real estate, Hotels management, Energy and other areas of a lucrative investment for our clients, we have five clients at the moment seeking for fund managers who will be their trustee that can be able to manage and invest their funds for the period between five to ten years in your Country.

We are contacting you because we found your contact through a business lists while we were searching, If you know that you have a wealth of experience to be able to handle a project of this nature kindly get in touch with under sign for more details but if you know you are not capable kindly ignore this Email.

If you are the secretary please direct this Email to the President or CEO of your company, thank you.


Phil Adams.


My Reply to Mr. Phil Adams.


Dear Phil Adams (Or Peggy or Habiib or?),

   I am so glad you found my contact info and that contact info of all the other "undisclosed recipients" on business lists that I am sure I am not on listed with to.

   I too do periodically organise [sic] my thoughts and reply to such impotent letters from random strangers.

   I know you must be legitimental firm based in UK because your Englitch, conjugal verbs and sentencing structure is so berry goods.

   You are very studious in finding me as I am ed zachary the candy date for these project in that I have this wealth of experience that you speak of which. I also have some severals bazillion US of dollars to investing with your company which I have no doubt is solid and refutable because you have signed this with your full english name.

   If you will be so kindly as to give me your credit card and bank account info, I will e-mediately make a good faith with drawl to show you my earnestness.


Kevin (Rasita) Smith

CEO & EIEIO of Mega-bux corp, Inc, LLC, PHD.


   I eagerly await their response to my counter proposal.


   Thank you for reading and as always, when you patronize some of the great businesses, whose display ads support our work, be sure to tell them you saw it on Discover Southside.

   1 NOTE: No, I did not really respond to this email. Responding to SPAM, even if it is to the link to "unsubscribe" is a sure way to get on more junk lists. The best way to deal with SPAM is to just delete it. If you get the same junk repeatedly, you may want to set up a filter sending it directly to your trash.


WB Carver - Editor/Publisher      

   Opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the author. No endorsement by any advertisers or other parties is implied in any way.











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