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Discovering Southside
In the beginning

SoBo Farmer's Market Grand Opening
By Gert Slabach



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Editor's Page

Welcome to the first issue of Discover Southside.

   Discover Southside is an online magazine, or E-zine if you prefer, for and about Southside Virginia. Our goal is to explore and promote the Southside region.

   Just a few of the ways we hope to promote the area are by:

  • Looking at the area through fresh perspectives.

  • Showing the culture and human side of Southside, VA.

  • Giving local writers a creative outlet, and an opportunity for some exposure.

   Discover Southside is a monthly E-zine, updated on or about the first week of each month. As Discover Southside comes to life - like a flower slowly opening petal-by-petal - we will be adding content and features. In the first few issues there may be some mid-month changes. - So check back often.

    The trouble with starting something is; where do beginnings begin?

    Mohandas Gandhi said, "Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."

   The issue in front of you is a work in progress. We wanted to have everything "just so" before we released the first issue, but there came a time to make a decision. Whether to hold off on the launch until we had more content, and all the web programming bugs were taken care of, and all the stars lined up exactly right..., or to release it and fine tune it as we went. As you see, we opted for choice number two.

   Please join us as we grow and improve Discover Southside. Next month we will be introducing at least one new column, and some new writers. In the coming issues, some talented local writers will be contributing articles about local attractions, festivals, and regional folklore. You will meet the people, visit the places, and learn about the history and culture, which make Southside a truly unique region.

   In future issues, feature articles will include "one-tank getaways" and mini-vacations, right here in Southside Virginia. Some other things to look forward to are regional photo essays, reviews of books by local authors, essay contests for young people, and more.

   Speaking of contests, we hope you enjoy this month's Discovery contest. Our aim is to get you to explore Southside, or at least get you to notice the places and things you might see every day, and just never really thought about. Future contests will feature other Southside landmarks, Southside trivia, or maybe even hunts for "treasures" in museums, parks, or local businesses.

   If you are a long time resident of Southside, we hope you will find new things of interest, or be reminded of pleasant experiences from the past. If you are a newcomer, we hope you will learn more about this wonderful area in which you now live. If you are from another part of the state or country and interested in the Southside area, we hope you will find Discover Southside interesting and useful. As writers and staff, we look forward to exploring and learning about the area, and bringing its best to you.

   The most important thing about Discover Southside is, we want to be YOUR magazine. We want your suggestions. Let us know what interests you. If you know of a place or event of interest to readers, tell us about it and we will try to cover it. And if you like to write, we want to hear from you. Contributions from Southside writers are always welcome.

   Thank you for joining us as we "Discover Southside".

WB Carver - Editor/Publisher      


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